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Nava Kaal

NavaKal Newspaper

Nava Kal (Devnagari नवा काळ) is a Marathi daily newspaper. It is based in Mumbai, the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Its owner editor is Nilkanth Khadilkar.[1] Robin Jeffery has called Khadilkar as one of the most remarkable and self-reliant owners of small newspapers.[2] In the context of pre-independence Mumbai, it has been described as a Congress paper,[3] contemporarily it has been considered to be aligned with the Shiv Sena.[4] In 1999 Nava Kaal had a circulation share of 8% and a readership share of 27% for all of Maharashtra, [5] in the 1950s Nava Kaal’s circulation under Nilkanth Khadilkar’s father had fallen to 800 and the paper was nearly closed.


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